ORSLO first came to live in theyear 2000, on a Bad Mojo studio that Óscar didnt participate. David and Barbino were waiting and waiting till we decided to play using only the bass, drums and vocals. After a few months, ORSLO was already getting some experience together because of other Óscar absences. So one day, we decided to give our selves a name. Right from the first studio, ORSLO had a lot of success. We never got to play any concerts, but our energy and criticism took us where we wanted to be. ORSLO is a mix betwen very bad Bad Mojo covers and a few original jammed songs. We inspired our songs and lyrics on complaining about our dear guitar player not coming to studios. ORSLO stands for; Secret Revolutionary Organization of the Liberation of Oscars. It is important that you know that this band never had anything against him because he was and always will be a true friend. We made a few albums, each album recorded and finalized on each studio: After Xmas Special; Another Studio with no trace of the misterious Óscar; Estudio docagar no Óscar; Live in the fucking studio; Self Titled; We are alone. Here are two songs for youre listening: Cagar no Óscar; Always the Ways